24 photos of Ukraine, which impress the world

24 photos of Ukraine, which impress the world

These pictures circled around the world. They won at international competitions, were published in renowned international journals.

In each of these pictures shows independent Ukraine as it is, without exaggeration and embellishment. There are  tragic, moments of our lives, and triumphs, and extremely nice people and places of our native land.

Orange Revolution

Photo of Odessa photographer Oleg Kutskogo received "silver" at the prestigious Toronto Camera Club competition in Canada. This photo shows the Orange Revolution of 2004. 


Photo by Brent Stirtona South African who works in the Getty Images and Kyiv Independent, won the contest World Press Photo of the Year 2011 in the category "Modern Problems". He has photographed the prostitute Mary, the mother of 9-year-old girl who rents an apartment in krivoy rog. Picture dated 31 th August 2011 year.

Smiling child

Ukrainian Kateryna Ermine was the winner of the European Photo Competition Amnesty International "Images of Europe without Discrimination" in 2011. The competition was attended by over 500 amateur photographers.

"TB epidemic in Ukraine"

In 2012 the Ukrainian Maksym Dondyuk  won the first prize of the international photo contest Healthy World Photo Competition. His series on TB "TB epidemic in Ukraine" was awarded in the category "Best world history on the subject of health." Then the Ukrainian won in the amount of 5 thousand dollars.

"A favorite place"

A student from Kiev Olga Lavrushka won the competition of the UN dedicated to the tenth session of the UN Forum on forests. An Image "My favorite place" girl made in autumn of 2012 on the island of Khortytsya. Interestingly, Olga photographed this forest the Soviet film on camera "Zenit" and the jury chose this particular image from among 400 participants.

"Carpathian shepherds"

A series of photos of Yuri Dyachyshyn about Karpaty won a special prize from the jury Humanity Photo Awards 2013, held in Beijing.

"Monkey in the Zoo"

Photo 14-year-old Ukrainian boy Eugene Konopliva conquered the jury "Through the Eyes of Children" ("Through the Eyes of a Child") in 2013 year. His "monkey in the zoo" won 9th place. The competition was attended by more than 4 thousand photos from 90 countries.

"Holy Mountains"

Image National Park "Holy Mountains" Donetsk region won second place in the competition Wikimedia Commons: Picture of the Year 2013.

"Slavik's fashion"

Lviv 55-year-old homeless Slavik got on the cover of fashion magazines the world thanks to photographer Yuri Dyachyshyn. Photo project began in February 2011 and lasted two years. Slavik quickly became a fashion model image and even began to sew clothes. 


Photo of a young Czech journalist Philip Singer of ERA agencies of the events on the Maidan has won international photo competition Czech Press Photo 2014 in Prague.

Photo made on the night of December 1, 2013, entitled "The Beginning". Photographer recorded the moment when a man with a bloody face passed a wall with angels Michael's Cathedral in Kiev.

"The Pianist"

Authors photos – Ukrainians Oleg and Andrei Matsekh Meakovskyy. The picture shows a musician who plays the  blue-yellow piano  before security forces near the Presidential Administration of Ukraine.

"Mad Max"

In February 2014 photo "Mad Max" has published edition National Geographic.

"The culture of confrontation"

A series of photos Ukrainian photographer Maxim Dondyuka "culture of resistance" , whom we have already mentioned, hit the short-list of international awards Prix Pictet Award 2015. The total for the final competition of the photo project took 12 different countries.

View of the Carpathian National Nature Park of Goverly

Photo Ukrainian photographer Dmitry Balhovitina "View of the Carpathian National Nature Park with Goverla" won the international contest "Wiki loves Earth 2014". It chose the best among more than 70,000 photos from around the world.

Svyatogorsk monastery 

Another Ukrainian photograph went around the world on Wikipedia. More than 9,000 photographers have uploaded under a free license on Wikimedia Commons over 321,000 photographs of historic buildings, monuments and objects of cultural heritage of the 41 th country.

And finally a photograph depicting Constantine Bryzhnychenka Svyatogorsk monastery in the Donetsk region was recognized as the best in the competition, "Wiki loves monuments 2014".

Darth Vader in Ukraine

Ukrainian Darth Vader during the campaign hit the strangest rating Photo 2014 th year according to Time. In the top 95 were the most amazing photographs of the world.

"Gold Symphony"

Photo from Lviv photographer Dmitry Sobokarya "Gold symphony" won first place in the prestigious international competition of art photography Al-Thani Award for Photography-2014. Ukraine won for the first time in this competition for 14 years of its existence. The competition was founded in 2000, one of the most famous art collectors Sheikh Saud ibn Muhammad ibn Ali al-Thani of Qatar and he claims the status of the largest in the world.

Volyn grandmother with Lyska

Photo Ukrainian grandmother took over the jury of the international competition "Sony World Photography Awards 2014". An Image Polish photographer Mateusz Baia recognized as the best in category "People". The heroine pictures – 70-year-old resident of the village miller, in Volyn, Tatyana Fedorovna Krat with his favorite gloss.

The work won among 140 000 photographs submitted to the contest from 166 countries around the world.

Field sparrows

Photo Ukrainian Bones Pazyuk are on the list of the best competition photos HBW World Bird Photo Contest 2014. In the picture – a flock of sparrows field in Ukrainian abandoned farm.

"The one that srvived bombardment"

Photo Ukrainian photojournalist Alexey Furman Shelling survivor ("The one that survived bombardment") won the contest Picture of the Year International in the "Portrait". The photo shows a 30-year-old Larissa, who suffered during the attack near Nikolaevka Slavonic. The heroine goes in the "fast" after her home was completely bombed. In the frame – events July 4, 2014, the year when the Ukrainian military liberated the town from pro-Russian militants.


Ukrainian Eugene Malolyetka contest Picture of the Year International took first place in the category "News" for yet.Upload a photo Passenger ("Passenger") from the crash Malaysian Boeing, photo made near the village of hornbeam July 19, 2014 year.

Kitchen table

Photo from Donetsk Russian photographer Sergei Ilnytsky won first place in the category "Home News" in an international competition photographs World Press Photo 2015. In the photo – August 26, 2014 th, things are bad in the kitchen in the center of Donetsk after another fire.

"Thank you Putin"

Photo Ukrainian heroes of dentures gets on the cover of Austrian magazine Biber with the caption "Thank you, Mr Putin." The magazine published an article by Ukrainian journalist Lydia Akryshory the fate of five Ukrainian soldiers who were seriously injured in Donbass and lost limb or one, or even both. The soldiers wounded in the war, which unleashed Putin treated in a rehabilitation center in Austria and learn to walk again.

Photos for Hollywood

The pictures of the war in Ukraine Sergei Loiko photographer who works in the Los Angeles Times, inspired by one of Hollywood film studios to film. Studio journalist addressed a proposal to sell the film rights to the story "Minibus to Hell" ("Van hell").