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26 February 16:23

Ukraine presented new loitering munition at defense exhibition in UAE

The lethal aerial loitering system can stay in the air for 40 mins with the maximum distance of 30 km.

14 February 16:19

UCU President Bishop Gudziak Invites Native English-Speakers to Volunteer in Ukraine

Bishop Borys Gudziak invites native English-language speakers to visit Ukraine and volunteer.

13 February 16:26

Ukraine completes works on biometric control system on EU border

Ukraine's State Border Guard finished working on biometric control of the EU border and in the Ukrainian airports.


Ukraine joins 10 worst countries for pensioners

It stays between Angola and Algeria.

12 February 16:20

Moscow court arrests Ukrainian detained in Simferopol for two months

It was reported that the citizen of Ukraine was accused of espionage.


Bill on recognition of Holodomor in Ukraine as genocide submitted to Israeli Knesset

An explanatory note to the draft law says that the Holodomor was planned by "the Soviet authorities to strike at the Ukrainian nation and Ukrainian national identity."

8 February 08:49

U.S. House of Representatives supported Act aimed to enhance the U.S.-Ukraine cybersecurity cooperation

U.S. House of Representatives supported Act (404 votes in favor) aimed to enhance the U.S.-Ukraine cybersecurity cooperation.


Ukrainian Bronze Age stone revealed to be oldest sundial ever found

A carved slab discovered in the Ukraine is thought to be the earliest example of a stone sundial ever found.

7 February 15:26

Japanese Artist Will Bring Her Pictures about ATO Fighters to Mariupol

In Mariupol, the Japanese artist will present for the first time an exhibition of paintings about Ukrainian defenders.


Documentary Film About a Boy from Donbas Won the Prize at Prestigious Film Festival in Sweden

A tape about a 10-year-old boy living next to the front line received the award for the best documentary film at the Swedish film festival.

5 February 15:29

Royal Canadian Mint issues coin in shape of Ukrainian pysanka

The Royal Canadian Mint issues a gold-plated coin in the shape of Ukrainian Easter egg pysanka.


Beyonce’s daughter wears ensemble by Ukrainian designer at Grammy Awards 2018

Personal stylist of Beyonce and Blue Ivy specifically ordered a few outfits by Ukrainian designer.

1 February 16:02

UK corporation to build waste recycling plant in Dnipro

The cost of construction is around $85.4 million.

31 January 06:59

Ukraine's first astronaut Leonid Kadenyuk dies at 67

He was one of those who made the world to believe in Ukraine as in a space-faring state.

30 January 16:35

Starbucks to not work in Ukraine

The company does not consider company’s press service.

29 January 16:08

Torchlight processions commemorating Battle of Kruty held in Ukraine today

In Kyiv, there was a reconstruction of the battle for Arsenal Factory.

26 January 15:44

Ukrainian President calls on Israel to recognize Holodomor as genocide

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko held a meeting with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu during the 48th annual session of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

25 January 15:16

OSCE warns of risk of escalating conflict in E. Ukraine

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) said Tuesday that there is a risk that the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine may escalate.

24 January 06:37

Klimkin, Tillerson meet in Paris

Leading diplomats of Ukraine and the U.S. met in Paris for negotiations.

23 January 14:57

In Ukraine, the first road I want to build out of waste

For the first time in Ukraine this year, plans to construct a new road on a new technology using coal waste.

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