How New York fell in love with Ukrainian designer

How New York fell in love with Ukrainian designer

Olena Dats' exquisite dresses, styles, and colors captured the heart of every person. To quote Yaron Halevi, one of our guests: "There were moments when I thought there were angels walking down the runway."

I think that Olena Dats' secret of success lays within her. She is such a remarkable, warm, kind and happy personality! Her talent is beyond words. No wonder, Hollywood actresses choose Olena Dats' dresses to wear at the red carpet events.

The main goal of Olena Dats’ charity fashion shows is to raise money for humanitarian and medical needs for the children in Ukraine who are affected by the current war.

I am happy to say that Olena Dats' Charity Fashion Event in New York was a complete success. Thank you to Andriy Lastovskiy for opening doors of the Ukrainian National Home to host this amazing charity event. Also Big Thanks to the Ukrainian Federation of America (UFA) and Razom for Ukraine for putting this all together and especially, to Iryna Mazur who is the Program Director of Advocacy and Information in UFA for coordinating all the work in different cities. Olena Dats’ American tour began in Philadelphia (PA), then follows by New York City (NY), Clifton (NJ) Chicago (IL), and finishes in Washington, (DC). We could not be more grateful to our loyal friend and partner Ukrainian Restaurant Veselka for sweetening our evening with their delicacies. Veselka has been serving traditional Ukrainian food in the heart of East Village since 1954. 

I was especially happy to see how many non-Ukrainian guests we had. They were amazed by Olena's talent and the beauty of Ukrainian culture. One person told me how warm and special it was to witness the closeness and bond that Ukrainians show to each other and how many people support each other.

We wish Olenka Dats' all the very best! Stay in such good spirit and continue inspiring us with your magnificent fashion designs.

New York loves You!

All Photos by Mark K, MK Shots