10 Ukrainian cartoons which make your children smarter

10 Ukrainian cartoons which make your children smarter

The world is already full of computer-generated movies. There’s a tendency though to return to hand-drawn, puppet, and applied animation. Ukrainian animation has a rich history. The first animated film studio was created by Vyacheslav Lewandowski in Odesa in 1926. His films were based on Ukrainian folklore and folk tales and were a revelation for that time. There are a lot of Ukrainian cartoons and we write here about the best of them.

1. There Once Was a Dog

Creator: Eduard Nazarov
The day comes when no one wants an old guard dog anymore, so the owners decide to get rid of it. This cartoon based on a Ukrainian folk tale is at the top of the «Golden hundred» of animated films of the Soviet era.

2. Tram Number Nine Goes On

Creator: Stepan Koval
This plasticine cartoon reflects everyday human life via a depiction of a crowded tram. The film won numerous awards at internationally renowned film festivals, including the Silver Bear, the highest award of the Berlin Film Festival, the Grand Prix of Russian cinematologists, a Stuttgart Festival prize, and many others.

3. Kapitoshka and Come back, Kapitoshka

Creator: Natalia Guzeeva
A musical tale about the adventures of the rain creature Kapitoshka, which has managed to reeducate a bad wolfling.

4. All about the cossacks

Creator: Volodymyr Dahno
The main characters in this cartoon series are three Cossacks: a big guy, a tubby guy, and a strong man (in the script their names are Gray, Oko, and Tour, but in the series itself they are anonymous). The cossacks get into incredible adventures, meet people from different countries and eras, even gods and aliens, and their adventures all end happily. There’s no dialogue in the series: the action is all intuitively understood.

5. How Petryk Piatochkin counted elephants

Creator: Oleksandr Viken
An energetic and cheerful but very naughty boy named Patrick P'yatochkin goes to Africa in a dream and, becomes an elephant trainer.

6. Zlydni

Creator: Stepan Koval
A plasticine Hutsul folk tale in which naughty creatures, zlydni, come to live in the house of Petro and Marychka, and the owners simply cannot get rid of them.

7. The Adventures Of Captain Wrongel

Creator: David Cherkasky
In this animated series consisting of 13 series, the old sea dog Captain Wrongel accepts an invitation to participate in an international sailing regatta. However, in the port of departure, a statue of Venus stolen from a museum ends up on the board of his ship…

8. Glove

Creator: Natalia Marchenkova
The childhood of every Ukrainian starts off with this fairytale. Scratchy Mouse, Frog, Runner Hare, Sister Fox, Wild Boar, and Mucky Bear decide to live in a glove.

9. Kruhlyachok

Creator: Tadeusz Pavlenko
Based on a Ukrainian folk tale. Zmiyivna entraps children in order to eat them and Kruhlyachok (a forest wizard) helps Yurko to save his sister Olenka and the rest of the kids.

10. Pot-laugher

Creator: Anatoly Gavrilov
Once upon a time a potter made a pot, and whoever took it in his hands immediately began to laugh, forgetting about all his problems.