Chicago. Ukraine: 365 Days of Defending Freedom

Chicago. Ukraine: 365 Days of Defending Freedom

Feb 24
з 18:00 до 20:00
Sts. Volodymyr and Olha Ukrainian Catholic Church, Chicago, Illinois

February is the shortest month of the year for everyone in the world, but for us it has become the longest. And it did not start on February 1, but on the 24th, which was the first day for us. The first day of the full-scale invasion. And then there was the second, third, fourth, fortieth, one hundred and first, 353... every day is a date for someone, and for us it is another day of struggle. Soon it will be 365 days plus 8 years.

For each of us there is a day that was memorable, a day that hurt, pinched and sometimes even made us happy. All the days in conjunction and every day individually was in the fight for the most important thing - for freedom. Every such free day was very precious to us and this struggle continues to this day.

On February 24, at 6:30 p.m., we will meet here on square of the Saints Volodymyr & Olha Church, in the heart of the Ukrainian neighborhood, where we gathered with you on these same days a year ago. Let's get together and tell the whole world about our daily fight for freedom. Day after day. We'll have 365 of these telling posters with the events of each day of the full-scale invasion we endured. This calendar will stretch for several blocks to show all the greatness of this pinnacle year for us and the whole world. Emphasizing the unwavering spirit and scale of our defense day after day.
We invite you to also bring a poster with the day of our struggle, which has become the most important for you, as well as with the appeal you want to convey to the world. Show or tell all the journalists, invited guests and people of the USA your story, the story of Ukraine. Each of us is now the voice of Ukraine in the world!

We will tell you and show how Ukraine is fighting for its freedom, as well as the freedom of the entire civilized world. After all, helping Ukraine today means preserving peace in the whole world tomorrow. And that is why we will call for world support and the provision of all the necessary weapons and equipment to the Ukrainian army.
We will work towards a common goal so that we can stop counting and see the day when we say one word only: victory!

After the rally, we will gather in the St. Nicholas Cathedral to remember everyone who gave their lives for our freedom and for all the innocent victims of this war. Regardless of your denomination, religion, or spirituality, you can remember everyone with a prayer, a lit candle, or simply a moment of silence. The main thing is that we will do it together. Together we will be silent to honor the memory and together we will speak loudly to the world to call for help.

We invite you all to come together with the Consulate General of Ukraine in Chicago, the Ukrainian Congressional Committee of America of the Illinois Department, Bishop Venedikt, Archbishop Boris, as well as the Klych community to gather together in Chicago, and if you are currently in a different city in the United States, then look for information about your city at Klych social media.

Let's be a strong voice of Ukraine in the world together! Because who will be this voice if not you and me.