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21 January 22:35

Ukrainian ATMs will be offering US dollars and euros in February

As Ukraine continues to relax currency controls, the country’s ATMs will be able to dispense US dollars and euros beginning in early February.

21 February 08:09

Ukrainian lawmaker offers to lease Crimea out to Russia for 100 years

The New York Times (NYT) writes that Ukrainian MP from the Radical Party Andriy Artemenko has provided former US Presidential National Security Adviser Michael Flinn with a draft plan for the settlement of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

11 January 05:10

The Pinchuk “compromise” and plans to destroy Ukraine

All talk of compromise with Putin is part of a plan for the political destruction of Ukrainian statehood.

9 January 11:39

Senator: Kyiv fears the possible recognition of the annexation of Crimea by the U.S.

Kyiv is badly frightened by the looking forward improvement of relations between Washington and Moscow...

15 November 15:27

2.5 Years of Reforms: All Victories and Failures of Ukraine in the 3 minute video

The video on economic reforms in Ukraine, made by the VoxUkraine team for the 13th Yalta European Strategy Annual Meeting.

9 November 05:50

Ukrainian human rights group that helped bring down Soviet Union turns 40

9 November 2016 marks the 40th anniversary from the foundation of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group (UHG).

10 June 10:00

Ukraine's United Future Depends on Leaving Donbas in Its Divided Past

Before Ukraine can disengage from the occupied Donbas, it has to know just what disengagement means.


The Embassy of Ukraine to the United States has launched “House of Ukraine”

Valeriy Chaly welcomed the new initiative that will help to highlight Ukraine’s important role for American society ...


At least 5 million Ukrainians have left to live abroad: Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry

Many Ukrainian citizens went to live in Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Russia, Germany and Poland.

18 April 15:41

Ukraine has put a case against the Majlis clampdown in Crimea

A criminal proceeding against the Russian authorities attempt to clamp down the Crimean Tatar people Majlis has been initiated in Ukraine.

14 April 13:39

Ukrainian court recognized the fact of the death of Ukrainian military as a result of armed aggression of Russia

On 29th of March 2016 Yarmolinetsky rayon court of Chmelnitska oblast considered the application of the widow of major Yaroslav Kostyshyn ...

24 March 09:29

Lawyer: Ukrainian prisoners have been illegally taken from Crimea to a Russian prison

Three citizens of Ukraine, which were convoyed from prisons in Crimea to Russia, are illegally imprisoned in correctional camp No. 5 in Kirov region of the Russian Federation.

3 March 05:40

Film starring Emir Kusturica who supported Russia’s aggression in Ukraine to be displayed during Italian film week in Kyiv

Film starring Emir Kusturica who publicly supported Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and Crimea annexation to be displayed during Italian film week in Kyiv.

24 February 11:17

Canadian medics start fourth mission to Ukraine, perform reconstructive surgeries for ATO veterans

Fourth mission of Canadian medics has started at the Main Clinical Military Hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine, reported Anatoliy Kazmirchuk, Head of Hospital speaking to media in early hours of Monday.


'Can do!' Soldiers depart to Ukraine

Soldiers departed for Yavoriv, Ukraine, Feb. 10-14, in support of JMTG-U.

22 February 06:54

"New York Is Not Yours!"

Ukrainian diaspora in New York protests against Putin's supporter - Gergiev

19 February 11:50


Pope Francis gave a lengthy press conference on the flight back from Mexico to Rome on Thursday ...

8 February 13:48

Meet Ukraine’s “Invisible battalion” of women

Twelve fearless women are depicted on a Ukrainian calendar for 2016.

5 February 10:41

W5: An inspirational look at Canadian doctors on a humanitarian mission in Ukraine

Growing up in eastern Ukraine, Mykola Nyzhnykovskyi was a typical boy: curious, adventurous, and at times a bit goofy.

14 January 19:16

Ejecting capsule for commercial planes will save crew and passengers in a crash

Would you pay additional for a flight that guarantees you safety in case of onboard fire, engine failure or any kind of in-air technical problems?

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