Reportage from Shyrokyne

Shyrokyne is the village in the Volnovakha area of Donetsk region. The village is almost totally destroyed due to the heavy shelling. According to the Ukrainian army, only a few locals of almost 1500 population still live there. At the same time, sometimes it's impossible to get any information about them, as half a village is controlled by The DPR. Snipers sweep the road to the village. Also during the shelling the 152 mm artillery is used, which doesn't match the Minsk agreements. According to the Ukrainian soldiers, a week ago they had to wait for an hour in order to get permission to return fire, and after this the separatists asked for the ceasefire. Ukrainian soldiers say that they don't trust The OSCE because they are not neutral, and selectively ignoring some evidences and facts. As the soldiers explain, the organization where more than 50% of staff are Russians and representatives of other post-Soviet countries, can't be neutral. Also they point out, that generals in the headquarters in Kyiv are receiving false information about the situation at the front lines, or ignoring the correct information, and the representatives of the Joint Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces look shocked, when arriving directly in Shyrokyne, and facing the realities of this part of the front line.


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